Samstag, 22. Februar 2014

Outfit Suggestion - Yellow raincoat

Raincoat - Suitsupply 299,00 EUR
Pullover - Best Mountain 39,95 EUR (Sale @ Zalando)
Jeans - Cheap Monday 49,95 EUR
Shirt - Jack & Jones 39,95 EUR
Boots - Zign 99,95 EUR
Belt - Your Turn 16,95 EUR
Sunglasses - Ray Ban 117,00 EUR
Backpack - Greenburry 74,95 (Sale @ Zalando)

Hey guyz!

I am not sure, how this blog's going to be build up. An idea to kick of my first real entry was to create a category: "outfit suggestions". So we'll see how this might work in the future...
As temperature is sloooowly rising and we may have spring starting in a few weeks (I can't imagine, it may start snowing and we had to expect a cold snap :p), I thought of an outfit for milder days.
Sidenote: I am a huge fan of Suitsupply among a few other lables (special posts on lables are coming soon).
So I created an outfit around this killer yellow rain coat from the current SS2014 collection of Suitsupply.
In this post I want to concentrate on colours.
You see the raincoat blasts in bright yellow, that should be enough bright colour for an outfit. People often use different coulours and distract someone's eye. You don't know where to look first. The yellow sweater or the green shoes? OMG does there peek out a red shirt under the sweater? Ok that might be a little exaggerating but I guess you can see my point.
If you use bright, clear colours do it carefully. Usually you should try to build the rest of your outfit around that one piece. So use muted colours as a kind of an frame for the eye-catcher piece you put on. This supports it even more, as the bright coloured coat in my example gets the attention it deserves....

That for the moment... As you might have noticed: I started to write my entries in English. I thought it might be easier for people outside Germany to read my blog (as long as they are interested in).



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